Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I have breezed through the Twlight series. They are very quick reads. A lot of the boring parts that slow other books down, this series just skips over the long drive home, or the 4 page description of her hair color. Stephenie Meyer does an amazing job of getting to the things you want to read about the most. What's going to happen when the vampires meet the werewolves in field by moonlight with their mutual human friend there? How does it turn out? She's great and getting right to the point. But you also don't feel like she's left too much out. She's like the baby bear from the Goldilocks bedtime story; she gets it "just right". The mix of romance and action is perfect. You get to fall in love with the characters and their extraordinary relationship, but you also get to feel the thrill of a good vampire or werewolf fight. An amazing blend of the mystical.

I'm on page 448 of Eclipse and I plan to finish it this week. I only started it on Sunday. A few other things have prevented me from spending 8 hours a day reading. Like my job. And the fact that Mark came home from sea on Monday night and it also happened to be his birthday that day. So last night I through a surprise birthday dinner for him with all our closest friends and family. A lot of fun, but not much reading time. I'll get back to it tonight. Then I have to purchase Breaking Dawn so I can continue the saga.

Plot Status:
Bella has agreed to Edwards terms of marrige before turning her into a vampire. But she has some demands of her own. There is one particular human experience she wishes to feel before she is no longer human to feel it. Edward refuses to give in, not wanting to hurt her. But Bella is persistant. On Edward's bed, the two are entwined and Bella's heart is beating at a fast pace.

I have THAT waiting for me tonight. I'm excited!

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