Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday, Dogs and Books

Today is Friday. I'm so happy about that.

On the doggie front, it looks like I got the go-ahead from my better half to fill out the adoption forms so we can at least meet the little fellow. Though, because of vacations and the holidays coming, we couldn't add a new family member till the end of January/ beginning of February. It really wouldn't be fair to us to do that, but even more unfair to the poor dog. We'd be off jet-setting on our next vacation and the poor mutt would be stuck in some unfamliar, unpleasant kennel.

So I'm hoping we'll be able to meet the sweet boy and if we can do nothing else, we'll wish him well in his new home, no matter where that may be. The shelter doesn't "hold" dogs so we couldn't adopt him and then wait till January to bring him home. Which sucks, but makes sense for the best interest of the dog.

I hope this weekend brings lots of sleep, a new great book and a fun night out with friends.

Has anyone else gotten as enthralled with the Eragon book series as I have? Granted I'm not their target age group, but I really like those kinds of books. I began Brisingr on a Saturday, it was finished that Tuesday. I couldn't put it down. And I was pissed when I got to the last page and only then found out that I had to wait for the conculsion to come in the fourth book. A trilogy with four books? Who does that?

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