Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tee-V and Move-E's

I purchased a freshly (few hours anyway) roasted seasoned chicken and Wall-E on my way home last night. Oh, I got UFO Raspberry Hefeweizen too. Yummy, beer...... Oh. Where was I?

So I got home, heated up some chicken and popped in the movie. I got the deluxe edition with all the extras. Pixar puts out GREAT shorts. Like Presto, the one before Wall-E begins. And then they made one called Burn-E that was great too. But you would probably have to have seen Wall-E first to really get it. That was all just on disc one. I haven't made it to disc two yet. (House and Fringe came on.) The movie is so cute. I found myself laughing on the couch at home, alone. I jumped the cats a few times with my outbursts. :D

Tonight I head to the gym then my favorite show is on again, Bones. But between going to the gym and the the TV show, I've GOT to get my laundry done. It's overflowing and at night, in the dark, in the corner of the room, it's starting to look like a monster! Something straight out of Monsters Inc! (Ooohh, another good Pixar movie. Told you I'm a sucker for those things.) One of the things I love about Bones is the crazy sexual tension between the two leads. I mean he is gorgeous and she is beautiful and neither have steady parters, other than eachother. What's the hold up? But then if it DOES happen, where are they left? Would they still be able to work together? Hmmmmmmm. Dilema. We'll see how the show pans out. But it's fun to watch them squirm. Enjoy!

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