Wednesday, November 5, 2008

First Post

Well... Welcome. I'm not really sure what this blog will be about but hopefully you will find something to be entertained by.

I live in Maine and I want a dog.

On leap year day, February 29th, of this year my boyfriend and I moved into our new house. He promised me that after we had been there for a year, he would start considering a dog.

Now. We have two indoor, absolutely crazy cats. Andre and Trouble. Both of which are rescues. Trouble is a funny torty/calico girl who is a slim love bug of a 4 year old. Trouble I got from a shelter when she was two. Andre is a big burly boy. He's almost two times the size of Trouble and only half her age. He is mostly white with some grey tiger spots. He likes to boss Trouble around and start fights with her. But they do love eachother. Even if Trouble has to hide behind dressers where Andre can't fit.

The picture to the left was taken when Andre was still a kitten. He wasn't his massive self quite yet. I will post more pictures of them soon. I have a million of them.

Back to the dog issue. I have always had a dog. Since the day I was born. Both of my parents still have a dog and my brother just got a puppy. He got a puggle and she is adorable. But, she's not the type of dog for me.

What I want in a dog. Hmmmmm.... Let's see. I would like a smart, medium energy, mutt. Yup. A mutt. I like mixed breed dogs and I think mutts are some of the smartest pets out there. Of course I'm going to adopt from a shelter, I would never pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a pure breed anything. Now. I would post a link to the little guy I'm interested in right now, but I don't want anyone to snatch him away from me. I'm still hoping I can convince my boyfriend to foster-to-adopt in time to get this little angel! But here is a picture, to the right. Adorable right? I thought so.

So I'm in the middle of a dog battle. Vote Yes! for shelter dogs! Wow, I'm glad that election day has come and gone. I think I was starting to dream about all the damn road side signs I see millions of every day.

It is slightly odd that I begin this blog the day after our presidential election. But I'm not hugely into politics so it's not really that odd.

Welcome to my life.

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