Monday, December 1, 2008

4 Day Weekend

My Thanksgiving holiday was great! Mark and I got up early early and went for a walk/jog for 25 minutes. We saw about 20 toms (male turkeys) next to our road. They were all hunkered down in the leaves and looked like they were sleeping. They shifted away from us when we paused to point.

We made it to Marks Mom's house by 9:30am. There we piled his mom and her friend into the back of the Element and barrelled on down the road. We arrived in Gloucester Mass just before noon. We got a lovely tour of Cape Anne and went for a stroll on a beautiful beach. The homes in this area were amazing! We saw famous people homes next to sprawling inns and motels. All sitting on the very edge of the ocean cliffs. When the Perfect Storm rolled through the road we were driving on was completely washed away and homes had waves crashing on their second stories. Incredible.

We had a very large gourmet feast that could have put Martha Stewart to shame. (Mark's aunt is an amazing cook!). Then we sat around having drinks and watching football. All in all, a great holiday.

I woke up feeling only slightly under the weather. I got a great night's sleep because I got to sleep with the window over the bed open, which gave a nice cold breeze blowing over my head all night. I love sleeping in cold air but having the bed nice and toasty warm.

So Mark and I rolled out of bed and down the hall to the TV room. We watched Happy Feet, another Pixar movie. Then it was time for breakfast.

I started feeling a little off somewhere around then. Friday ended up being an incredibly painful day. Literally. I had to somehow make the 2.5 hour drive home while practically writhing in agony. We even stopped at a local hospital ER and the wait was going to be 3 hours, just to get into a room. So we continued on, with frequent stops. (Peeing blood is excruciating.)

Eventually we dropped off Mark's mom and her friend. Then we went straight to a quick clinic that we know has no lines. I was seen, given a prescription, and walking out the front door in 20 minutes. Ten minutes later my Rx was filled. I started feeling better not long after. Wow. What a horrible day.

I slept in while Mark went out hunting on the last day of the season. I spent most of the day taking pills, drinking fluids and doing nothing. (I am still bookless since I finished Eclipse last week.) I felt a lot better by the end of the day. We ended up going to a boxing tournament. Some sort of Finals. It was my first live boxing match and it was pretty fun.

After a round of pills with breakfast, Mark and I went 4wheeling around our neighborhood for a little while. We found an amazing look out that is privately owned. We could see all the way to Mt. Washington! I'm going to have to take a picnic lunch next time.

Then we watched the Pats play in an extremely painful game. We just changed the channel towards the end. We just couldn't watch anymore.

THAT was my Thanksgiving break. How was yours? (Hopefully you didn't go to the ER like me.)

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