Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Missing Sunday

SO. The BIG news is that Mark and I are engaged!!! Yup. That Sunday, while 4-wheeling in northern Maine, he slipped a ring on my finger. It was snowing, we'd just cut down our Christmas tree (and by "we", I mean "Mark") and the moment was completely perfect. I absolutely LOVE the ring and still can't stop staring at my hand. I almost swerved off the road a few times this past week because this bright shiny pretty thing distracted me.

It was a perfect day. The perfect man. And he picked the perfect ring and the perfect moment. What more could I ask for? Not much. :)

Of course being a woman, and especially one who recently helped a girlfriend with her wedding, I jumped headlong into wedding plans.

I've booked the photographer; he does absolutely amazing work. www.coreypro.com He has done two of my friend's weddings and I was sold the minute I saw his work. I'm one of those girls that thinks that, other than ending the day being married to your favorite man, the photos are the most important part of the whole day. And this guy tells your story in images. So cool.

I've also picked the location. Which I'm keeping a secret till I have that completely booked and taken off the calendar. Oh. Yeah, we picked a date already. September 2010. So we've got plenty of time to fill in all the details. But I'm not going to stress about anything. I won't be a Bridezilla. :)

Tata for now! I'm on Cloud 9 and I'm going to enjoy the view. (Pictures coming soon. I swear!)

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Becky and Wes said...

OH MY GOSH, Congrats, You know I will have to come back for that. :-) I did not make it back for christmas due to school but I will be back this summer. I am going to be an RN. Work as little as possible and make as much as I can. I currently stay at home and play with my daughter, she is awesome and you will have to see her. Walking and talking. Mini me is very scary. I hope you got my christmas card.
Congrats again and I can not wait to have everyone together again.
Love B