Tuesday, December 9, 2008

4 Wheelers, Camp & Bob Marley

This past weekend Mark and I loaded up the wheela' and hauled it up to Belfast. Where we stuck the traila' on anutha truck and piled in the cab with some friends. Then we rode anutha 3 hours up to Houlton (aka Canada) to get to Camp. Now Camp was a b*$ch to get to. About 4 miles of unplowed dirt road with a nice layer of ice topped off with about 2 inches of snow. Add the million hills, the truck with a wheeler in the bed and one on the trailer and you've got yourself a nerve racking roller coaster of fun!

We did finally make it in. Side tracked the whole ride in by the glitter someone had sprinkled on all the trees. Seriously, it was like being the Star Trek Voyager jumping to warp drive (or whatever it is that it does and the stars go flying by).

Mind you the truck's outdoor temp reading was steadily dropping from the original 30 degrees. We got to Camp and it was 3 degrees. Yep. Three whole degrees. Oh and did I mention that Camp doesn't have electricity or running water?

For the first hour at Camp we could leave the front door open because it was the same temp indoors as it was outdoors. That is, 3 degrees! We got the wood stove up and running quickly. Then the generator was started and we had some light and a fan to push the heat back down from the high ceiling. About 3 hours after we got to Camp I finally took my coat off. Not my hat or long-johns though.

From that point on it was a deterioration of memory interspersed with blazing cold moments and lots of laughter. When there's no TV and you've got 6 people in a small space and they've been drinking and you want to keep them entertained; Bob Marley's skits do the trick. No, not THE Bob Marley. But Maine's Bob Marley, the comedian. He's wicked funny doode. :) Even funnier if you're from Maine. The freezing cold moments came when you had to sprint (without falling in the snow) to the outhouse because you thought your bladder might burst along with your gut.

Saturday was still freezing and now snowing too. We all layered up with as much clothing as we brought. We jumped on the wheelers and took off for some fun in the snow. Our friend had bought 40+ acres recently with skidder trails all through it. (Skidder: for definition click here. Affectionately called "skidda" here in Maine.) So we went all through the property, falling in mud holes, skimming over ice, tracking Moose. Yup. Moose have some of the biggest tracks I've ever seen! It was pretty cool. At one point the guys had to hook up two of their winches to a downed tree and swing it back like a gate so we could keep going up the trail. It was pretty entertaining because the tree was frozen solid to the ground.

When we had decided we had frozen enough body parts to warrant a rescue mission, we headed back to Camp. The fire had died down a little so once again, we kept our warm clothes on till it was warm again. Soon food was being consumed along with mass amount of drinks. An intense game of Jenga kicked off the night. But it as the game A**hole that really got the night started. Drinks were being pounded left and right. Then came Pictionary. A very very very long game of Pictionary. (Which Mark and I won. But we credit our talents to frequent games of Pervartistry. But that is another whole story.) Finally we all zonked out.

It was a great night. I hadn't laughed that hard in a while. Camp was a blast. Pictures are coming soon!

(If you're wondering what happened to Sunday, that story comes later. It was a very important day and gets it's own post.) :D

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