Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Life is Racing!

Here is the run down....

Vacation was fabulous! We had "cold" weather. And by that I mean, low to mid 60's. Not the -22 that I left behind here in Maine. Seriously?! -22 degrees!? WTF?

I had a great birthday because my fiance got home from sea that day and I got to spend some quality time with him. Then our group of 7 went out for sushi, walked Duval St with drinks in hand, then went back to our rented house and played drinking games in the kitchen till late in the night. We laughed our asses off while playing quarters on a glass table.

The next day I went sky diving. Yup. I went skydiving. And what's more? I LOVED IT! I had a smile on my face the whole ride up in the plane and even for the freefall and especially once my chute opened. Mark bought me my video as a birthday gift. It's a great video. I'll post it here when I get a free minute. Ha.

After vacation Mark and I got a puppy! Yup, we finally got one. His full name is Killian Irish Blue and we have no clue what breed he is. We're hoping he's a Blue Heeler mix, but he looks more like a Catahoula Leopard Dog. Hopefully he stays on the small side. He's smart and quickly learning that we're his pack leaders and NOT to pee in the house. But he's doing really well so far. We just love him to pieces.

We HIGHLY recommend Planet Dog here in Portland, Maine. If you're ever visiting or live in the area and you have a dog, it's a must stop.

So with the dog and life in general, life is flying. I'll write when I get the chance and I'll post pictures.

Loving life.


Planet Dog said...

Hi Clare - thanks for the great comments about Planet Dog. Did you adopt Killian? He's really CUTE!

Clare said...

Hi PD! Yes, we did adopt him. He is originally from a shelter in Mississippi but we got him from his foster home in PA. He had a long road home! But Home, he is.