Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rye Puppy

So, Mark and I found a puppy we both love on Petfinder.com. I filled out the online adoption form and then called the shelter. I wanted to go visit the pup and see if she would be right for us. Well. We have to fill out an application to even visit. Ok, done. We have to be able to bring home the puppy the DAY we meet her. Ok, well we can't do that. We won't be ready to bring the little one home till the 30th, when we get back from Florida. I understand that they don't hold dogs so that they can rescue more, but seriously. A few weeks and the girl would have a home. Frustrating.

So while we're on vacation in Key West, we're going to have to get online and see if she's still available. If so, we can get her. If not, we have to begin the hunt all over again. For the THIRD time.

Keep your fingers crossed for us! I want this little girl badly.

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